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Nov 2023            Layout on many pages updated to render better on mobile phones
Oct 2023             Aircraft Instruments- Build of blind flying panel; Aircraft Instruments
Oct 2023            Mathieson infill plane restoration added;
Tool Restoration
Oct 2023            Advert scans added to surplus page; Surplus
Aug 2023            Ghostbusters Proton Pack build page added; Proton Pack
Aug 2023            Welly rack added to projects page;
May 2023            Major update to surplus pages; Surplus
Feb 2023            No 20 Compass plane & Draw knife restoration added; Tool Restoration
Feb 2023            Various small projects added- Booklets, Welly rack etc; Projects
Feb 2023            Minor updates to gunge page; Gunge
Feb 2023            Lighting page updated with cafe sign & christmas star; Lighting
Jan 2023            Proton pack & Goo poster  added to projects page;
Updates 2023 now dated to build date.

No updates made

Nov 2020            New page added on railway signal restoration; Railway Signalling
Nov 2020            New page on furniture restoration; Furniture
Nov 2020            Minor updates made to printing page; Letterpress
Oct 2020            Jet Engine occasional table build added; Aircraft Furniture
Aug 2020            New images added;
Railwayana Restoration
Aug 2020            New page added; Messy Materials
June 2020           New page added; Tool Restoration
May 2020            Shallow goo pool added:
April 2020           Play control panel added; Projects
Feb 2020            Minor update to images on about me page; Superpants
Jan 2020            Material storage rack moved to workshop page from projects; Workshop

Dec 2019            New page added for workshop projects: Workshop
Nov 2019            Restoration of another wood plane:
Sep 2019            Restoration of three wood planes added:. Projects
Sep 2019            New page with railway restoration added: Railwayana Restoration
Sep 2019            Updates with 3 minor projects.
Sep 2019            Minor update in books section on anout me page: Superpants
Sep 2019            Illustration added to large events page: Large Events
July 2019            Edmondson ticket dating press restoration, Holster and other little projects added to the projects page:

Dec 2018            Updates made toTron Legacy costume build: Tron Costume
Sep 2018            24V power supply added to projects page: Projects
Aug 2018            Added vintage wood plane restoration to the projects page: Projects
Jan 2018            Updates to marbling page with new information; Body Marbling
Jan 2018            Projects page updated with replica Where the Wild Things Are staff, hose rack and wheeled trunk: Projects


May 2017            Projects page updated with a new shoe rack:
Mar 2017            Updated project page with a railway lamp restoration project: Projects
Mar 2017            Updates to project page with restored railway signal: Projects
Jan 2017            New page added with recent Tron Legacy costume build: Tron Costume


Dec 2016            Remote switches added to project power page;
Project Power
Dec 2016            Refurbished Linisher added to projects page. Projects
Nov 2016            Details of two tables- a small occasional table and coffee table added. Projects
Sep 2016            Added a replica railway sign made as a wedding present; Projects
Aug 2016            Sign made for my 2nd shed added to the projects page; Projects
July 2016            Updates to the Ghostbusters page with information on the new film; Ghostbusters
July 2016             Custom foam machine added to the projects page; Projects
May 2016            Update to the pumping page, with more info on air operated pumps; Pumping Goo
May 2016            A few small items added to the projects page; Projects
Apr 2016            New page added- building a straw bale caving system; The Black Hole
Apr 2016            New page added about the Pinzgauer off-road vehicle; Pinzgauer
Mar 2016           
Minor updates on gunge page; Gunge
Mar 2016            New page on letterpress printing added; Letterpress
Mar 2016            2 minor recent projects added;
Mar 2016            Industrial mixer added to bulk gunge page; Bulk Gunge
Mar 2016            Updated wedding page with a sign and stencil machine;
Making a Wedding
Feb 2016            Photos added to splurge gun page; Splurge Guns
Feb 2016            Updated surplus pages with new link; Surplus
Jan 2016            Even more messy games ideas added; Messtival Games
Jan 2016            Updates to Ghostbusters reboot; Ghostbusters
Jan 2016            Minor updates on gunge page; Gunge
Jan 2016            New page on making things for our wedding; Making a Wedding
Jan 2016
            Updated surplus pages with new link; Surplus


Dec 2015            Updated about me page; Superpants
Dec 2015            New links added; Links
Oct 2015            New page added about making robust quiz buzzers; Quiz Buzzers
Oct2015             Further
updates to the marbling page; Body Marbling
Oct 2015             New page added with info on soluble papers and films; Soluble Paper
Aug 2015            Updates to the marbling page using UV reactive paints; Body Marbling
Aug 2015            Updates to art cannon page for new mega paint cannon; Art Cannon
Aug 2015            New Page: More messy games ideas; Messtival Games
Aug 2015            New Page: Ideas of how to host a messy Gameshow or event Finale; Messy Gameshows
July 2015             Projects page updated with UV lighting;
July 2015            No.1 Hut page updated with details of build; No. 1 Hut
June 2015           Projects page updated with easel; Projects
May 2015            Updates for to Entertainment Slime page for Nickelodeon Kids Choice Award and Noel's House Party; Entertainment Slime
April 2015           New page: No.1 Hut, workshop; No. 1 Hut
Mar 2015            Messy links page added;
Messy Links
Mar 2015            Minor updates to gunge and slime pages
Mar 2015            Video added to the pumping gunge page;
Pumping Goo
Mar 2015            New obstacles added to the project page; Projects
Feb 2015            New Page: Ghostbusters; Ghostbusters
Feb 2015            New Page: Pumping Gunge and Slime added; Pumping Goo
Feb 2015            New Page: Working Bugsy Malone Splurge Guns added; Splurge Guns
Feb 2015            Workshop trestles added to project page;
Jan 2015             Safety section updated on gunge page; Gunge

Nov 2014            Rocket firing rack added to project page; Projects
Nov 2014            Art cannon added; Art Cannon
Nov 2014            Edwards 3ft guillotine added to; Projects
Nov 2014            Fake rocks made for our wedding, added to; Projects
Oct 2014             Page added about experiments in body marbling; Body Marbling
Sept 2014           Recipe for making rhubarb gin added; Rhubarb Gin
Sept 2014           Details of my kits and messy supplies; Kits
Feb 2014            Updates to the Slime in Film and TV page, including Get Your Own Back and Nickelodeon; Entertainment Slime

Dec 2013            New page with info on vintage industrial lighting projects; Industrial Lighting
Nov 2013             Info added on how the air/ paint/ confetti cannon was constructed; Paint Cannon
Nov 2013            Updates to the project power page, including batteries; Project Power
Nov 2013            Video uploaded of my paint and confetti cannons in operation; Paint Cannon
Oct 2013             Loads of ideas about how to run a messy games event for your friendss; Messtival
Jan 2013            Page of games from the Canadian Kids game show UhOh! Uh Oh Show
Jan 2013            The Castle- Build of the UK food house at the World Scout Jamboree in Sweden, 2011; The Castle

Dec 2012            Gunge tank page updated; Gunge Tanks
Dec 2012            Foam machine page updated; Foam
Dec 2012            Page added with how to make a plumbing game; Plumbing Game
Sept 2012           Page added with UK surplus dealers and Junk shops as well as secondhand tools; Surplus
Aug 2012            Alien costume made for the Secret Garden Party; Alien

Nov 2011            Hamilton Printer's Cabinet Restoration; Printers Cabinet

Site updates not recorded

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