Aircraft Furniture

These projects are all repurposed parts of aircraft made into functional furniture

Ejector Seat

Ejector Seat

The seat is from a Jaguar aircraft bought through ebay about a couple of years ago as a shell. I was told when I bought it that it had been in a gate guardian for many years.

I Cleaned it up and laquered it to preserve the used look rather than going for a full strip down. I welded up a frame from scrap square tube to hang it on so it can be used as an occasional seat.This was done without modifying the seat in any way so that it can be restored in the future.

The seat pad and back are made from canvas out of an old sofa, scrap ply and a bit of packing foam rescued before it made it to the skip! No sewing needed as it was stapled and glued. It is suprisingly comfortable to sit on!

Jet Engine Mirror


I made this bathroom mirror from a scrap stator ring from a jet engine obtained from an aerojumble.

The ring is un-modified other than being laquered. The mirror is a standard plain round mirror from homebase which handily is just the right size. The mirror is mounted by a piece of scrap aluminium on the back bolted through the original holes using surplus aircraft bolts. 

Light Pull


Bathroom light pull using a surplus lifejacket pull cord.

Cockpit Lamp

Cockpit Lamp

A lamp rescued from the scrapyard- It was in pieces when I found it. I was able to rebuild it using parts I had in the garage. I intend this to become a desk lamp.